AA asked to relook into the airfares for Sandakan

Press statement by ADUN N.56 Tanjong Papat cum Chairman of DAP Sabah YB Datuk Poon Ming Fung @ Frankie:

SANDAKAN: I was very pleased when I read the news on 28th Dec 2022 of fixed low airfares for Borneo States flights during the festive season, in particular from 17th to 30th Jan 2023.

However, I was quickly dismal and disappointed when Sandakan failed to be mentioned as one of the destinations or routes between KL/Johore and Sandakan singled out amongst others for cheap fares during the same period for low fares.

I thought it was an oversight or omission on the part of the press. My search in AA for the Sandakan route continues to be expensive of not less than RM650 to RM700 for round trip.

I certainly hope it was an oversight. I appeal to the Ministry of Transport to direct AA to relook into the fares for Sandakan too otherwise it would appear to be unfair to our students and families who have love ones residing, working or studying at either side of South China Sea.

The fares would also be burdensome to many families, especially in such a trying and challenging time. Since the start of Covid-19, many families have lost their loved ones. Others have sacrificed their time and obliged to stay wherever they were until the covid-19 pandemic had diminished. Now that travel restrictions have been lifted, the government should encourage family bonding time to make up for the lost time. Personally, I suspect many would stay longer once they have returned to make up time and also to use this opportunity to travel within Malaysia.

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