Custom Department of Sabah Staffs Successfully Completed their Chinese Language Course at CI@UMS

KOTA KINABALU: To enhance their ability to serve and communicate better with the growing Chinese community in the region, a group of staffs from Royal Malaysian Customs Department of Sabah had successfully completed their Chinese Language Course (HSK) level 1 at Confucius Institute Universiti Malaysia Sabah (CI@UMS).

Over the past three months, a selected group of custom staff personnel eagerly immersed themselves in learning the complexities of Mandarin at the Confucius Institute.

Ten personnel of the department pass all the requirements for the course and were receiving their certificates from CI@UMS recently in a brief ceremony which was held at the Sabah Custom building in Kota Kinabalu.

The Chinese language course, conducted by professional teacher Ming Hao from CI@UMS, encompassed a comprehensive curriculum, focusing on basic conversational fluency, cultural understanding, and specific terminology relevant to Custom procedures.

Participants actively engaged in language exercises, role-plays, and interactive discussions, enhancing their vocabulary, pronunciation, and comprehension skills.

Throughout the course, the staffs turned students showed remarkable dedication and perseverance, attending classes outside of their regular work hours.

Their commitment to mastery of Mandarin was commendable, demonstrating their genuine desire to improve communication channels and foster stronger ties with the local and overseas Chinese community.

This endeavor aimed at equipping the students with the necessary linguistic skills to better serve the needs and concerns of Chinese visitors, residents, and nationals seeking assistance from custom authorities.

The Director (Malaysia) of Confucius Institute UMS, Professor Ts. Dr. Chong Khim Phin expressed his admiration for the participants’ unwavering commitment.

“It is heartening to witness the dedication and enthusiasm shown by these Custom members.

“Their decision to invest time and effort in learning the Chinese language demonstrates their sincerity in building stronger connections with the Chinese community and fostering a more inclusive society,” he said.

Meanwhile the Deputy Director of Custom Department of Sabah, Edward Justin congratulated the participants on their achievement, emphasizing the importance of effective communication in the Custom sector.

“The completion of this Chinese language course equips our Custom staffs with invaluable skills that will enable them to provide improved services to our Chinese-speaking population, contributing to a more seamless and welcoming experience,” he said.

The successful completion of the Chinese language course marks a significant milestone, not only for their staffs but also for the community at large. A multilingual workforce is crucial for addressing language barriers and ensuring efficient service delivery, particularly in a diverse and multicultural society.

CI@UMS will continue to offer HSK level 1 classes to the Custom Department and HSK level 2 to those who had pass the level 1.

The Institute is dedicated to provide language and cultural learning opportunities to individuals and organizations, facilitating cross-cultural understanding and cooperation.

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