Kandaki Mantob Riverside Resort’s clean water enthralls Australian RMIT students 

KIULU: The clean water flowing from the Crocker range, the beautiful surroundings, and the coolness at night make the Kandaki Mantob Riverside resort an ideal picnic spot for the family or student group, especially on weekends and holidays. 

The river in Kandaki has a moderate depth of water, so in addition to the exceptionally clear and refreshing water, it is also ideal for bathing or swimming. 

No wonder, a group of 50 RMIT University students from Melbourne, Australia recently decided to have a picnic at the Kandaki Riverside Resort.

Students are generally happy with the clean river and surroundings, apart from being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

RMIT student group leader Dr. Olivia Guntarik said that the traditional culture of the Dusun people and the clean river really fascinated the RMIT students. 

“I am very happy to be here (in Mantob)… not only did I have the opportunity to have a picnic by the clean river, enjoy the traditional food and cultural performances but also I had the opportunity to trace my mother’s roots,” she said.

Olivia, who is also a lecturer at the university, said the group of RMIT students currently on a study trip will be in Sabah for three weeks.

“I hope they (students) can learn something, especially understand and immerse themselves in the cultural aspects of the Kiulu community, including sompoton music and sumazau dance,” she said. 

Resort owner Tibin Gurin also thanked Olivia for choosing Kandaki as one of the tourist destinations they visited during their stay in Sabah, dubbed The Land Below The Wind.

He said tourism activity in rural areas is currently booming after the threat of the COVID-19 outbreak has eased, and he hopes this positive momentum will continue.

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