Life Water Industries Adopts 20 Turtle Nests at Selingan Turtle Island

A symbolic adoption of 20 turtle nests (1,446 quantity of eggs) of the Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) species on 25th June 2023 was part of the environmental and social program under the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) of Life Water Industries Sdn Bhd (Life Water) Group, popularly known by its flagship brand of drinking water, K2.

Life Water Industries Sdn Bhd carried out a Turtle Nest Adoption program at the Selingan Island, which is one of the three islands that form the Turtle Islands Park, located approximately 40 kilometers north of Sandakan, Sabah, managed by the Sabah Parks.

Tuan Sukur Bin Sukardi, Park Manager, said that the Life Water is the first company adopting the most number of nests since 2016.

Through the program, Life Water K2 hopes to spread awareness on the importance of not only conservation of the sea turtles but also protecting their natural habitat. The species found in our waters are endangered species.  In Sabah, they are fully protected under Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997: Part 1, Schedule 1, with hefty fine for offenders of minimum RM50,000, maximum RM250,000 and imprisonment of minimum 1 year, maximum 5 years.

Having learnt about the dwindling population of sea turtles through climate change, loss of nesting habitat through coastal developments and as bycatch of commercial fishing, Life Water K2 wants to play a part in turtle conservation and stop sea turtles from possible extinction.

Life Water is open to collaborating with stakeholders such as tour operators, chalet operators and like-minded players to engage in sea turtle and marine conservation through awareness campaigns and conservation activities.

Besides, turtles are also a popular tourism product as tourists love to see these beautiful marine creatures. Divers diving alongside friendly sea turtles is a magical experience.

Life Water K2 encourages visitors to the Park to adopt and participate in the adoption of turtle nests to promote turtle conservations.  Companies or any entities should do the same by contacting Sabah Parks.

Based on their priceless experience, adopters were given the chance to follow park rangers to the nesting site and observe mother turtles laying their eggs until the release of newly-hatched baby turtles to the sea, all under the expert guidance of the park rangers. Every egg is precious as only one in 1,000 hatchlings would survive to adulthood.

Each adopter will get a certificate of adoption, displayed name on the turtle nest, a t-shirt, and photos of adopted turtle nests from Sabah. Upon hatching, an adopter will, through email, also get a photo of baby turtles being released to the sea.

For Life Water K2, their stance is that it is important to spread the conservation message to all, especially among the young population as they play a vital role as crusaders for the cause. The program is also aims to foster positive values of love for marine life and as an awareness to the communities that Life Water K2 is committed in driving its sustainability agenda.

It is also in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of Life Water that had made quality beverages affordable for everyone in the past 20 years.

Kudos to Life Water K2 on this great ESG initiative.

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