Onus on today’s Muslim generation to address climate change, sustainability issues

Abang Johari (fifth left) being joined by Wu (third left) and others in performing the gimmick launch for the 19th Riseap General Assembly in Kuching.

KUCHING (Jan 3): It is incumbent upon the present generation to sustain the environment, seek new knowledge through research and development (R&D) and address issues of climate change.

In making this call, Premier Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg says as the world transforms its economic landscape with the advent of new technology, it is also witnessing climate change which, if left unchecked, could threaten mankind and God’s other creations.

“Verse 10 of Surah Al-Jumu’ah of the Quran – which states: ‘But when the prayer is ended, disperse in the land and seek Allah’s bounty, and remember Allah much so that you may prosper’ – requires us to do that.

“We follow what has been expanded by our great scholar, Ibn Khaldun, who had done research and shared his views on social justice and the fundamentals of economics, long before (Scottish economist and philosopher) John Smith,” he said in his keynote address for the 19th General Assembly of Regional Islamic Dakwah Council of Southeast Asia and the Pacific (Riseap) here today.

Adding on, Abang Johari said in this new era, it is the duty as practising Muslims to upgrade the quality of education and to master science and mathematics, so as to contribute to the development of mankind.

He said in the Quran, it is expounded that Allah would not change the fate and condition of a community, until they strive to change themselves.

He then stressed that with having mastery of knowledge, the Muslims would be able to contribute to the development of society, particularly those in the Southeast Asia and the Pacific regions.

“If the environment is not well looked after, there’s a danger of rising water level.

“We have to have our friends in the islands across the Pacific, and therefore, based on the technology available through R&D, we should strive to mitigate global warming.

“It is the duty of the Muslims to have the knowledge necessary to transform the environment and address the issues that we are facing today.

“In light of this, the Sarawak government is embarking on the policy aimed at sustaining our development and moving forward to become greener and cleaner,” added Abang Johari.

Among those present at the event were Deputy Minister of Utility and Telecommunication Sarawak II Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi and Riseap deputy president Ridzuan Wu.

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