Rural Sabahans grateful for receiving Rahmah cash directly

TAMPARULI: Recipients of the Rahmah Cash Aid (STR) here, are very grateful for the Unity Government’s initiative to help them handle the rising cost of living.
In addition, it is a big relief that the aid is delivered directly to those living in the interior, which means they do not have to travel a great distance to the bank to collect it. 
The Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) and Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) staff have opened a counter in Tamparuli, which is well known for its suspension bridge and is 35.5 kilometres from Kota Kinabalu, to ensure no one in the rural area is left out.  
Rayner Delboy, 24, from Kampung Kiulu, told Bernama he was touched and grateful to receive this assistance from the government to ease his burden.
“The initiative by LHDN and BSN is also a big relief, especially for recipients who do not own a bank account because they can get the cash in hand,” he said. 
Bonaventure Saudi, 39, a farmer from Kampung Bundu Tohuri, also appreciated the STR, which went towards his household necessities. 
Gunis Duling, 62, a farmer from Kampung Semodon thanked the government, saying it lightened his burden to buy groceries. 
“Thank you to the government for this help, especially to a disabled person like my child, who has a learning disability.  I am collecting the aid on his behalf,” he said. 
Of a similar sentiment, housewife Hailin Gadipun, 51, from Kampung Topokon, was also grateful for the government’s assistance as well as the initiative by LHDN and BSN to ensure the STR reached the recipients. 
“Many people in the interior do not own cars and it is difficult to find transport to the town. This is a great move to make sure everyone receives the aid,” she said.
Flora Monporok, 52, of Taman Berungis felt the STR should be continued as it is a great help with the rising cost of living, especially among the B40 group.
The STR, which will be disbursed in four stages, is an initiative under the Payung Rahmah concept aimed at assisting the needy in facing the rising cost of living.  
The initiative is in line with the Unity Government’s mission of focusing on the people’s well-being and its commitment to ending poverty. 

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