Sabah’s first campus radio well received

An interview conducted during the UMSfm Personality Show.

KOTA KINABALU (Aug 18): The UMSfm Radio channel continues to maintain its position as the first campus radio station in Sabah.

UMSfm’s Personality Show, which discusses current topics to be presented to listeners, has received a positive response among listeners, airing every Wednesday from 8am to 9am.

UMSfm Radio Station Manager cum Personality Show executive producer Dr Intan Soliha Ibrahim said the publication of the program has received an encouraging response because now UMSfm listeners can obtain information about activities, programs, scientific and research at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS).

“This plan is actually to promote and highlight the strength of the university not only at the academic level, but also the administration and students of UMS. We strive to promote and highlight all activities, innovations and research available at UMS.

“Although radio is often seen as the second medium after the television and Internet, the importance of radio in channeling information when people are in vehicles and offices cannot be denied,” she said in a statement on Friday.

Intan added that the edition of the UMSfm Personality show can also be heard through a variety of mediums.

“This show can be accessed through a variety of mediums either on the 91.1fm frequency or on Spotify UMSfm, the android application, and online.

“The diversity of this medium is important to ensure that radio programs reach and penetrate various markets. Radio stations need to be brave in using alternative technology in marketing radio broadcasts,” she said.

UMSfm, which has been established for 13 years, is committed to being a platform for disseminating university and government information, and training skilled and knowledgeable students in the field of radio broadcasting.

As the first campus radio in the state of Sabah, UMSfm goes through a transformation of knowledge and technology to ensure it remains relevant in line with current technological changes.

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