Samsung inspires young innovators to build the future

Samsung Malaysia empowers youths via its STEM programme; ‘Samsung Solve for Tomorrow’.

KUALA LUMPUR (May 10): Samsung Malaysia aims to inspire young innovators to build the future via its STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programme; ‘Solve for Tomorrow’.

Progressing into an ever-evolving society that values creativity and innovative solutions as its core foundations to success, the urgency of keeping up has become more crucial than ever, it said.

As such, it viewed STEM as of paramount importance in today’s world as it equips learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the ever-evolving job market.

“Nowadays, most careers require some amount of knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The simple reason is that changes are constantly happening. On the other hand, topics on sustainable development with a heart on environmental factors are a never-ending concern.

“Pertaining to this, education can be a potent instrument in promoting the emergence of a STEM-proficient society.

“When individuals within a well-educated community are equipped with the necessary skills, they can navigate the competitive landscape while adhering to sustainable practices that preserve the environment. The correlation between social and economic advancement and environmental preservation cannot be ignored,” Samsung Malaysia said.

Educating and empowering young talents to pursue STEM in every area of life, Samsung Solve For Tomorrow is an annual competition challenging Malaysian students from Form 1 and Form 2 to propose creative solutions to solve challenges of national importance using STEM.

In its recent 2022 competition, Samsung Malaysia Electronics saw the participation of various enthusiastic teams with a total of 36 submissions, showcasing creative solutions to current societal issues.

The winning team, Dzalis Smart Ino developed a sustainable, solar-powered thermos called FOODDECK to store food in a suitable environment through an application in an effort of keeping food bacteria-free and preventing further wastage.

Speaking of the inspiration behind this innovation, the team said: “Experience and observation taught us to produce a product that can give benefit and facilitate the public. People nowadays have a problem getting food to remain in hot and steamy conditions. It’s easy for food to get cold on the table. This invention is an inquiry from watching food stall vendors on the street and also in a common household that often keeps their food in a not so suitable environment which usually makes the food goes back to room temperature easily.

Team Dzalis Smart Ino triumphed as the grand prize winner in Samsung Solve For Tomorrow 2022 competition.

“FOODDECK is one of the inventions that provide an opportunity, especially for those who want to be an excellent vendor and live in a modern and easy lifestyle.”

Bagging the grand prize of RM 30,000 worth of Samsung products, Team Dzalis Smart Ino from SMK Dato’ Razali Ismail said that their greatest challenges faced during the creation were in terms of time and cost.

“That’s why we used a lot of existing and recycled materials to produce FOODDECK. We had to sacrifice our time, use our holiday, and stay at school until night to finish our product. Overall, we could overcome most of the problems and constraints in producing the product.”

“STEM capabilities are becoming increasingly relevant for the future and Solve for Tomorrow demonstrates our goal to help Malaysian students to expand their skills in STEM and eventually pursue a career in it. The concepts and solutions from our students get more innovative each year and we want to congratulate the winning teams. These students are the future and have the right mindset in making the change we want to see in our society today,” said Samsung Malaysia Electronics director of Corporate Affairs Datuk Roh Jae Yeol.

After winning Samsung Solve For Tomorrow 2022 competition, Dzalis Smart Ino now plans to participate in other competitions up to a higher level by making some improvements to its existing FOODDECK products.

“With the creation of innovative products, it will be an inspiration for us to continue the legacy of DZALIS STEM & INNOVATION. We will continue with STEM because of our passion for science and math,”

Meanwhile, fellow judge of the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2022 competition Universiti Malaya STEM Centre Director Dr Mas Sahidayana Mohktar said: “It has been a privilege to be part of the students’ journey in innovating prototypes that help in addressing issues faced by the community. They were driven to make real changes to society, and this desire has tapped the young minds to create an even more inspiring solution.”

Other winning ideas include Team Tropbotz’s smart pet cage: IoT Pet Guardian, Team NewGen Leaders’ mental-health focused mobile application called SimplySmile, Team Fishballz’s AI student assistant mobile application, and Team The Green Scientists’ Solar Flower: a structure of solar panels called Solar Flower, designed to follow the sun.

Samsung is committed to empowering the next generation of innovators through its efforts in providing a platform for young talents to pursue STEM-based innovation. By supporting STEM education and innovation, Samsung is not only shaping the future of youngsters but also contributing to the advancement of society. Samsung’s dedication to fostering young talent is truly impressive and inspiring, and it serves as a shining example for other organisations to follow.

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