The Male-Efficient bags 2 Gold Awards at the 12th World Choir Games in Korea would like to congratulate The Male-Efficient Choir for their outstanding feat in the recent World Choir Games in Gangnueng, South Korea.

In their Facebook post, the group announces:

Dear beloved family and friends,

Terima kasih atas doa dan sokongan yg tidak putus-putus dari anda semua. Selama 4 tahun membuat persiapan, dengan ini kami mengumumkan keputusan rasmi 12th World Choir Games kategori:

06 Male Choirs – Gold Medal
026 Folklore A Cappella – Gold Medal

The Male-Efficient group comprises of 37 male singers. They were established in September 2015 and have since been quite an appeal a line of performers at local and national events based in Sabah. The group which initially started off as the Bellivan Choir eventually grew into a competitive arts performing choir, a brave initiative sparked by their leader Lesley George. Korea is not their first international accolade. (*we heard many of the members are from Papar and this acclaim is suited especially with the recent winnings of Papar in the festive month of Papar – as they say, “done claim”)

The World Choir Games is dubbed as the Olympics version of choirs. Admission to the World Choir Games – The Champions Competition is by decision of the Artistic Committee of the World Choir Games. Choirs must apply for this competition, submit qualifications or be delegated. The choirs are being evaluated by an international jury according to the evaluation system of the World Choir Games (100 points system). They receive Bronze, Silver or Gold Medals depending on the number of points. The choir of the given category with the Gold Medal and highest number of points will be awarded the title “Champion of the World Choir Games”.



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