Warisan Releases Additional 8 Conditions As Prerequisites For Coalitions Collaboration

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Warisan Vice President, Datuk Junz Wong has released the 8 additional conditions as prerequisites for Warisan’s cooperation with other coalition parties after the conclusion of the 15th General Election (GE-15).

This comes after three conditions pertaining to Sabah’s rights were released via a series of videos posted on his facebook (www.facebook.com/junzwong) on Tuesday.

The conditions set as prerequites for cooperation are the return of 20% petroleum royalty to Sabah, the return of powers pertaining to hiring foreign labour system and powers regarding Sabah’s continental shelf.

In a statement released here today, Junz said the other five conditions are returning rights to Sabah to regulate the palm oil industry, issuing of licenses to the tourism industry and frozen seafood export.

The fourth and fifth condition are ensuring one-third representation for Sabah and Sarawak in Parliament and approving the building of Kudat deep sea port.

Junz explained in his nineth and final clip that the purpose of explaining such conditions is to enable Sabahans to envision the type of Sabah that Warisan intends to build.

“We want Sabahans to understand the position of Warisan.

“Sabah is actually a very resourceful territory. However, such resources are not enjoyed by Sabahans because it is currently enjoyed by people living across the sea.

“That is why this is the perfect opportunity for Sabah to demand the return of Sabah’s resources, in the midst of the chaos in West Malaysia,” he concluded.

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